Pete Hines responds to PlayStation fans

In a podcast held on the sidelines of Gamescom 2021 with the participation of Pete Hines, the Vice President of Marketing at Bethesda Softworks reflected on the implications of the marriage to Microsoft and addressed a thought to PlayStation fans disappointed by the exclusive Starfield Xbox.

Discussing the topic with Aaron Greenberg of the Xbox team, the Bethesda exponent pointed out that “there are Xbox brands that exist and will continue to exist on other platforms, that’s good to point out. I also think it’s important to note that Minecraft has no certainly ceased to exist as a cross-platform supported game after Mojang was acquired by Microsoft. It is a title that is played massively on the most disparate platforms, so there will be no situations where we will say ‘sorry but you will never have access to Bethesda titles’. Of course, from now on there will be things from Bethesda that you won’t be able to play on PlayStation. “

Hines then turns to fans of Bethesda games on PS4 and PlayStation 5 who want to know if the alliance with Microsoft will lead to the definitive abandonment of the cross-platform vocation of the American company that has just entered the Xbox Game Studios. In this regard, the Bethesda executive recalls the reveal trailer for Starfield to explain how “Starfield was announced as an Xbox exclusive. I don’t know if I will go so far as to say that in the future you will never play our titles on PlayStation again. But in the future. again, at this moment I don’t know the answer to this question. “