Play has no limits, the new spot is explosive

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released the new international spot of the PlayStation brand, entitled “PlayStation – Play has no limits”. This is the same short film at the opening of the PlayStation Showcase, which kicked off Sony’s digital event dedicated to the future of PS5 and PS4.

The spot takes players to a city out of the ordinary, conceived as if it were a chessboard and where everything revolves around the world of PlayStation. Quotes and references to Sony’s greatest first-party works are constant throughout the short film, which tells the story of two rival kings who clash in a highly spectacular scenario. Meanwhile, a Pedestrian makes his way through the incredible city, facing a series of increasingly difficult challenges along the way. His opponent tries in every way to thwart him, but the Pawn finally manages to reach the penthouse of the enemy King and finally win the game for his team amid the general riot.

The new commercial “Play has no limits” is undoubtedly among the most original designed by Sony to advertise the PlayStation brand: like it or not, its style certainly does not go unnoticed. In the meantime, if you want to find out every detail on the event of 9 September 2021, here are all the announcements of the PlayStation Showcase. The Japanese giant also celebrated a big milestone recently: PlayStation 5 has sold over a million consoles in Japan.