PlayStation Studios, the future is multiplatform? SIE celebrates MLB The Show and PC ports

Simultaneously with the presentation of Sony’s latest quarterly report which confirmed the overcoming of the 10 million PS5 sold, the videogame division of the Japanese technology giant focused on the multi-platform sales of MLB The Show 21 and the success of the PlayStation Studios PC ports.

In a paragraph of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s financial report, the Japanese company congratulates Insomniac Games and SIE San Diego for the excellent reception received with their latest projects. According to Sony executives, both Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart and MLB The Show 21 have exceeded the company’s “internal expectations”.

Of particular interest for the future prospects of PlayStation Studios, however, is the second part of the paragraph, where SIE specifies that “thanks to the sales generated by the add-ons, MLB The Show 21 has contributed significantly to the profits generated during the last quarter. We have also started offering our first party titles on non-PlayStation platforms, MLB The Show 21 was one of these titles that comes cross-platform after the initial success we achieved with the PC versions of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone. “

The “initial success” referred to by the representatives of SIE would seem to suggest a future opening, for the Japanese company, to the cross-platform marketing of a growing number of titles developed by the software houses inside the PlayStation Studios. On the other hand, Sony’s double reference to the sales generated by the add-ons of MLB The Show 21 and its arrival on “non-PlayStation platforms”, depending on the arrival of the baseball blockbuster on Xbox Game Pass since launch.