PlayStation VR 2, for the insiders a real step forward on PS5: the details in video

Despite having announced its existence, Sony has not yet unbuttoned much about the characteristics of PlayStation VR 2. However, many details have emerged in recent months and, according to what insiders and industry experts report, the new headset will be a real step. forward for Virtual Reality fans.

According to reports from the PSVR Without Parole portal, which has already proved quite reliable on the subject in the past, the new headset made by Sony will feature a Fresnel OLED screen and will offer a resolution of 2000×2040 per eye, therefore with a binocular result that points to the 4K with HDR support. The Japanese giant would also have increased the field of view, with a FOV value now equal to 110 degrees.

Among other innovations, there would also be the Foveated Rendering, which will allow the viewer to show the elements on which the player’s gaze will focus at the highest quality (the use of advanced eye tracking would be confirmed) and to scale down the peripheral elements that we do not have in focus. All this will be corroborated by the use of the Flexible Scaling Resolution, capable of further amplifying the effects of this “trick”.

We already know that the PSVR 2 controllers will be equipped with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, but according to the latest rumors there will also be capacitive touch sensors. Finally, as regards the games, it seems that Sony intends to make triple A games and to propose hybrids in the style of Resident Evil 7 and Hitman 3. For further information, we refer you to the video at the top.