pre-orders are now open to all Steam accounts

As expected with the announcement of the opening of Steam Deck pre-orders for owners of a “historic” account, Valve representatives look out on social networks to invite all interested to book the new portable console.

At the end of the first 48-hour pre-order phase, with pre-emption for those who have had a Steam account for several years and use it to make purchases on a regular basis, Valve therefore opens a new phase to allow all interested parties to book the Steam Deck .

The only limitations that continue to apply from the Deck’s pre-order system are booking a single console per account and the requirement to have made at least one purchase of games, DLCs, programs or services on Steam before June 2021.

Despite the efforts made by the upper echelons of Valve Corporation to avoid the “assault on diligence” that has been plaguing the sale of PS5 and Xbox Series X for months and will help make the new GPUs unavailable, the Steam Deck scalpers have already struck and tried to resell their console booked for over 900 euros on ecommerce portals and private auctions.

In any case, at the time of writing the portal from which it is possible to book the portable console reports all three models of Steam Deck launch with “availability expected for Q1 2022”, ie in the time window that goes from January to March 2022 .