pre-orders opened by GameStop, Regalla Edition exclusively

GameStop Italia has opened the pre-orders of Horizon Forbidden West, on the website and at the stores of the chain it is possible to pre-order the Standard Edition, the Special Edition and the Collector’s Edition while the Regalla Edition (exclusive to GameStop) will soon be prenobile only online.

In addition to the Standard edition that you can pre-order online in PS4 version (70.98 euros) and PS5 (80.98 euros) from GameStop you will also find the other special editions in preorder, here are all the details on the various editions of Horizon Forbidden West to be released on 18 February 2022 .

Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Edition

The “Regina” edition, the richest and most complete ever, will soon be available for pre-order from GameStop only online at a price of 269.98 euros. Quantities are very limited and the opening of pre-sales will be communicated in advance via email to GS Level 3 and Epic customers, make sure you have activated the reception of commercial information from GameStop in your profile otherwise you will not receive the pre-order opening email of the Regalla Edition. Don’t know how to do it? In this case, we refer you to the GameStop guide, it only takes a few simple steps to update your account.

But what does this majestic edition include?

  • Digital game and Steelbook case
  • Original Regalla themed statues of a Tremorzanna and Aloy
  • Focus replica with custom support
  • 2 illustrations
  • Resource Pack with Ammo, Potions and Travel Kit
  • Alfa Wind Breaker Piece for Mechanical Knockout
  • Special emotes and face paints for Photo mode
  • Soundtrack in digital format
  • The Sunhawk digital graphic novel
  • Replicas of the pieces Solcasole and Squarciavento for Mechanical Knockout
  • Mini artbook
  • Canvas map
  • 2 special outfits (elite Colossus Carja and elite Thunder Nora)
  • 2 special weapons (Colossus Carja shortbow and Thunder Nora slingshot)

Horizon Forbidden West Special Edition

This release includes the Blu-Ray game, the metal Steelbook case, the digital soundtrack and a physical mini artbook. By pre-ordering you will receive the Nora Legacy outfit and the spear.

Horizon Forbidden West Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition (pre-order for 199.98 euros) includes the game in digital format, the Steelbook case, statue of Tremorzanna and Aloy, mini artbook, two skins (Carja Colosso Elite and Tuono Nora Elite), two special weapons (Colosso Carja short bow and Thunder Nora slingshot) a digital resource pack for in-game use (contains ammo, potions and a travel kit), the Alpha Windbreaker piece for Mechanical Thunderbolt, emotes and face paints for the Photo Mode, the digital soundtrack and the digital version of The Sunhawk, graphic novel based on Horizon Zero Dawn.