presented the new, adrenaline-pumping Scramble mode

On July 23, Orcs Must Die 3 will be released on PC and consoles, and for the occasion the gameplay is enriched even more thanks to a brand new game mode, entitled Scramble.

This is the first major addition to the Robot Entertainment title since last September. In the Scramble, players will have to face 5 groups of challenges of increasing difficulty, starting with a specific amount of points (100 in all) to be kept as high as possible during the game. If too many points are lost during an initial round, it will not be possible to recover them later, thus making the battle increasingly difficult and decreasing the chances of survival. If you lose all points prematurely, you will have to start the Scramble from the beginning.

At the beginning of each challenge it will be possible to choose the scenarios in which to play. At the end of each challenge you will be able to choose which buff to enable in order to obtain advantages as you progress in the game, but you will need to take advantage of these advantages carefully since as you advance, debuffs will also be applied that will complicate the situation making it more difficult. This pushes the players to develop strategies and give their best in combat, in order to keep as many points as possible until they reach the end of the Scramble and win.

In addition, a new trap has also been introduced in Orcs Must Die 3: it is the Acid Geyser, which will spray acid against all the enemies that will have the misfortune to land on it. The trap can also be upgraded, for example by increasing the duration of negative statuses inflicted with the acid and how long the trap will throw the dangerous liquid. With these additions, the former Google Stadia exclusive promises to offer an even more complex and sophisticated gameplay than shown in the past, attracting more attention from new PC, PS4 and Xbox One players.