President Furukawa on gender diversity in house games

During the 81st annual meeting with shareholders, one of Nintendo’s investors brought to attention some press articles that the big N does not adequately represent gender diversity in its games.

In this regard, President Shuntaru Furukawa said: “We believe that diversity, including gender diversity, is very important. As an entertainment company, our goal is to bring smiles to the faces of all. people connected to Nintendo, and we undertake development with that in mind. When it comes to the functionality of individual games, we have to make decisions that take into account a large number of factors, and we are not always able to meet all requirements . In any case, we keep this feedback very valuable. “

In other words, the Kyoto house considers gender diversity within its working environments to be very important. On the other hand, Furukawa admitted that Nintendo has not always been able to adequately represent all the diversity in its games, but in this case the matter becomes more complex, as many other factors come into play during development. The big N will however continue to monitor public and press feedback to improve.