price cut in Brazil for Sony’s nextgen console

As announced by the editors of the PS Blog, both the standard version of PlayStation 5 and the Digital Edition of PS5 receive their first official price cut, but only in Brazil and for purely “local” issues which, almost certainly, do not prelude to ” a price drop “of the nextgen console in Europe or the USA.

The representatives of the South American division of Sony Interactive Entertainment formalize the price cut of the versions of PS5 with or without disc player, and of the individual accessories such as the DualSense controller in different colors.

In the message shared by SIE on the PS Blog pages, it is clearly specified that the cost of PS5 and related peripherals is due to the new legislation applied by the Brazilian Federal Government on taxes for the import of technological products and other “non-essential” goods from from international markets.

As a result of this price drop, the Standard version of PlayStation 5 can be purchased in Brazil at the price of 4,399.90 Real (about 709 euros at the current exchange rate), while the PS5 Digital Edition will be sold on Brazilian soil at the price of 3,899.90 Real (about 628 euros). As a result of the new facilitated taxation on imports from foreign markets, PlayStation 4 also gets a price cut in Brazil that brings Sony’s last gen console to be sold for 2,599.90 Real (about 419 euros).