Primogems and free resources with the Aloy’s Exploration Journal event

Close to the debut of version 2.2 of Genshin Impact, which allows all players to unlock the 5-star hero Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West at no additional cost, the development team has kicked off a small event at time that offers Primogems and other resources.

The event in question is called Aloy’s Exploration Journal and is one of the classic web events that miHoYo creates on the official portal to give all users the opportunity to get small rewards without making any effort. And this is precisely the philosophy of the mini-event dedicated to the journey of the warrior known in the Guerrilla title, since the steps to follow to obtain all the rewards are incredibly simple. First you need to visit the event page on the game’s official website, log in and follow the on-screen instructions. Every day it will be possible to click on the map to advance Aloy on his journey and conclude each stage with a trivial question about the weak points of some creatures: the correct answer allows you to complain by pressing the “Claim” button on the left side of the screen 10 Primogems and ice crystals useful to enhance any character belonging to the same element. Furthermore, by sharing the link to the event, it is possible to immediately obtain 20,000 Mora (by clicking on the orange button at the top right it will not be necessary to really share the post on social networks and the generation of a link alone unlocks the reward).

Whether it’s crystals, Primogems or Mora, all rewards obtained during Aloy’s Exploration Journal will then be redeemed within the game, by visiting the in-game stake page as usual and clicking on the “Claim all” button.

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