Problematic Day One on Xbox One

Among the many novelties of Alan Wake Remastered, the upgrade made to the technical sector of the adventure of the Remedy novelist obviously stands out: how much has the classic horror changed?

On the occasion of Day One, the always fast El Analista de Bits offers a first video comparison between the remastered version and the original. The comparison involves only the vereccrossed hardware for the moment, with the Alan Wake for Xbox 360 compared with Alan Wake Remastered on Xbox One, Xbox One X and Xbox Series X | S.

On all hardware from Microsoft, the weight of Alan Wake Remastered is equal to 38.65GB, while HDR is not supported on any version. Below, we also report the data relating to the performance of the game detected by the content creator on new and past generation consoles:

  • Xbox One: 900p resolution with 30fps frame rate;
  • Xbox One X: 1440p resolution with 30fps frame rate;
  • Xbox Series S: 1080p resolution with 60fps frame rate;
  • Xbox Series X: 1440p resolution with 60fps frame rate;

The analysis of El Analista de Bits is not too generous towards the remastering operation, with several criticisms addressed both to the addition of assets, judged to be insufficient, and to the changes made in terms of textures and models.

On the performance front, it also appears that the Xbox One version isn’t particularly impressive. The content creator reports lower resolution textures, but also frame rate problems during cutscenes, resulting in audio out of sync during sequences, and slow texture loading. There are also unexpected crashes on Xbox One and Xbox One X. Alan Wake Remastered has instead expanded the depth of the view on all versions.