PS5 app works, what did Blue Box Game Studios show?

Abandoned takes center stage more than ever with the release of the Realtime Experience app patch. The update is available for all PlayStation 5 owners, who have finally been able to take a look at the content that Blue Box Game Studios has been working on.

Although he first mentioned distribution problems and then a particular graphic glitch, Hasan Karhaman’s studio simply showed the very short clip already published on the Twitter profile of the independent software house within the app.

As you can see through the video and the screenshot that we have shown at the top and at the bottom of the news, once we enter the app we are faced with an arrangement of different panels. The first is dedicated to the video in which the mysterious man appears, of which we can only observe the legs. However, it seems that more content will arrive in the coming weeks, possibly more concrete than what we received tonight: we are talking about a cinematic trailer, a simple trailer, and a release trailer. In addition to these there will be two gameplay demonstrations, which should be interactable through the app’s features.

Among the players there are also those who linked the song that we can hear in the clip to the track “Betrayal” of Silent Hill 2. The song, in any case, was recorded by the Deep Sounds group and is called “I Saw Stars”.