PS5, is the revised model worse? Quite the opposite according to a new test

In recent weeks, a discussion has been unleashed regarding the revised model of the PlayStation 5, with YouTuber Austin Evans who had defined the heatsink adopted by this new version of the next-gen console as poor.

Not even Digital Foundry was able to shed some light on the matter, but a new test proposed by Igorslab in collaboration with Hardware Busters seems to have overturned the thesis set out by Evans. Using precise and professional methods of analysis, the authors of the study measured the temperature of the internal components of the console and concluded that, despite being smaller in size than the original model, the heatsink allows the SoC to operate at lower temperatures, up to at 11 ° less.

“They have exactly the same fans, the power consumption is more or less the same, even the fan speed is the same … The only difference is in the heat sink”, is specified in the course of the video that you find at the opening. “It is evident that the heatsink on the new PlayStation 5 performs better. Yes, it is smaller and weighs 300g less in the new model, but it is more effective. I measured a CPU temperature of 11 ° C lower on the new model. of PS5 “.

The cooling management is slightly different from the original model, since the RAM reaches higher temperatures (up to 8 ° more), unlike the CPU. According to Hardware Busters this is a good solution, since giving priority to the cooling of the processor is more congenial to the correct functioning of the console.