PS5 is updated, new firmware available now for download in Italy

Surprisingly, Sony has released a new software update for PlayStation 5 that updates the console firmware to version 21.02-, the update is now available for download with a weight of about 900 MB.

Unfortunately there are no details on the news besides a generic “improves the stability of the operating system while using games and applications”, standard description of numerous changelogs for updates that deal with making improvements “under the hood” but without introducing new ones. functionality.

With the September update for PS5, Sony has introduced, among other things, extended support for SSDs, 3D Audio support for TV speakers and other new features related to the interface, Trophies and PlayStation Now, now able to play games at 1080p as well, not just 720p.

It is therefore likely that the October update is a simple routine update that resolves minor bugs and problems in the operating system code with the aim of improving its stability and minimizing problems during use.

Have you noticed any other improvements after installing the update 21.02- for PlayStation 5? The comments space below is at your disposal, we await your opinion and testimonials on this new update of the PS5 operating system.