PS5 PRO in 2023 or 2024, 8K resolution and will it cost at least $ 600? Speculations and rumors

The YouTube channel Moore’s Law Is Dead has published a new video focused on PlayStation where there was talk not only of the PlayStation Showcase but also of PS5 PRO, a console never announced by Sony but which according to some sources would already be in the design phase.

PlayStation 5 PRO will not be announced at the PlayStation Showcase but some sources have reported the existence of this revision of the console presumably coming out in 2023 or 2024 with a retail price between 600 and 700 dollars, to emphasize the premium features of the hardware.

The console could be based on a new RDNA architecture, there is also talk of full support for FidelityFX Super Resolution and a target resolution for 4K and 8K gaming. In reality, the YouTuber has not clarified what information is extrapolated from his sources and what his personal speculations are and therefore we advise you to take what is reported with due precautions. In the past, other Moore’s Law Is Dead leaks have proved correct but the forecast track record is not entirely positive.

It is not excluded that Sony is working on a more powerful model than PlayStation 5 but at present there are no confirmations and therefore everything must be taken with pliers, we do not know if actually the Japanese company has thought of a commercial reason similar to that of PS4 and PS4 PRO or not.