PS5 Pro Suggested by Sony Job Ad? No, that’s not quite the case

As Sony starts direct sales of the PS5 in the US and stocks of the next gen console continue to be scarce, a bizarre rumor is on the horizon.

With the international videogame community in constant growth, word of mouth online is a double-edged sword, which can contribute to spreading interesting sightings, but also to give resonance to hasty observations. This is what is happening following the opening of a job position at Sony Interactive Entertainment, dedicated to a Senior Software Engineer who can work in the field of development of the PlayStation 5 API libraries.

In the description of the job offer, it is specified that the future professional will have the responsibility of supporting developers in the task of making the most of the PS5 GPU, to create increasingly remarkable videogame experiences. It is also added that among the colleagues of the Senior Software Engineer, who will find employment at the prestigious Advanced Technology Group of SIE, there will be professionals responsible for the “development of multiple generations of PlayStation consoles”.

The latter expression, coupled with the fact that the job announcement was related to PS5, prompted several observers to interpret it as an indication of Sony’s intention to give life to a PlayStation 5 Pro. In truth, this reading is rather bold , given that the expression used by SIE is the following: “Among your colleagues employed at the ATG there will be engineers dedicated to the development of rendering and ray tracing libraries, tools for the GPU, shader compiler, as well as those responsible for the architecture of multiple generations of PlayStation consoles “.

Given its generic nature, the offending expression could easily relate to engineers who have contributed over time to the development of PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Obviously, no one can rule out that Sony may announce a PS5 Pro in the future, but this job announcement it does not seem to us to represent a clue to this effect.