PS5 sells twice as much as Xbox Series X | S, Switch is unstoppable

Over the last few hours some very interesting data have emerged on the sales of the latest generation Sony and Microsoft consoles as well as those of Nintendo Switch, which continues to dominate the market.

The data recently published by the Ampere Analysis portal, updated to last September 2021, compare the sales of the three consoles taking into consideration all the models of each of them.

Here is the ranking of the best-selling consoles in September 2021:

  • Nintendo Switch (Standard, OLED and Lite) – 89.7 million
  • PS5 (Standard and Digital) – 12.8 million
  • Xbox Series X | S – 6.7 million

As you can see, without any particular surprises the third and second positions are occupied by the latest generation Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles and by the two PlayStation 5 models, namely the Standard and the Digital one. The Sony console has almost doubled that of Microsoft, while Nintendo dominates the first position, also thanks to the longer permanence on the market of the hybrid console and its numerous models.

As for the differences between models in terms of sales, Daniel Ahmad said on Twitter that every 10 PS5 sold only 2 are Digital and the remaining 8 are Standard. This is the opposite of what is happening to Microsoft, as Xbox Series S has overtaken Xbox Series X.