PS5 together with McDonald’s for a special and limited edition Dualsense

Since the DualSense lends itself particularly to customization, many players are indulging themselves by buying custom skins or trying their hand at modifications of all sorts, also because on the market there are no special editions for sale in addition to the three basic colors provided by the parent company. – white, black and red.

McDonald’s Australia has taken care of filling this gap, with a DualSense Limited Edition produced in only 50 copies that will be given to as many lucky players as part of the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the arrival of the chain in the land of kangaroos. The controller features the McDonalds-like color scheme, with white and red for the body and yellow for the buttons. To embellish the whole there is the logo of the big M on the trackpad, a portion of chips on the left handle and a sandwich on the right.

Unfortunately for hardcore collectors, getting your hands on this exclusive item is quite difficult. The giveaway is reserved for Australian players only, who must watch streams of seven McDonald’s sponsored content creators to become eligible: Muselk and Jacko G (Overwatch), 2Twins (Minecraft), Cripsy (FIFA 21), Kiki (Night in the Woods), Crayator (Mario Kart) and Aiden AK (World of Warcraft). The broadcasts will air on seven different days, but the starting date is not yet known: in the original plans they should have started tomorrow, but McDonald’s Australia has postponed them without providing a new date.