PS5: when new stocks arrive in Italy?

It is a cyclical question that we have tried to answer often on these pages: when do the PS5 stocks arrive ?, a legitimate question since we have now entered the tenth month of the life of the PlayStation 5 and the stock problems persist throughout the world.

Unfortunately, however, giving a certain answer to this question is currently impossible. Sony does not communicate the arrival of new stocks (if not very rarely) and everything is left in the hands of individual retailers who as soon as they receive new stocks immediately notify their customers via social networks. However, the supplies are inconsistent and we do not know when further stocks will arrive in our country, GameStop has animated the summer with more or less constant drops on a weekly basis and Mediaworld has also returned to sell PS5 in August, while on Amazon the drops are decidedly less. and for months it seems really complicated to buy a PlayStation 5 on the Jeff Bezos website.

Moreover, even finding a PS5 in stores is very difficult and stores rarely display their stocks to the public, while it is obviously possible to preorder and collect in the store when the consoles are available. Sony’s goal seems to be to produce 4.7 million PS5 consoles by the end of the year in order to ensure good stocks for the Christmas season, but the distribution crisis will probably not be resolved within a few weeks and according to many the problems of PS5 stocks will last throughout 2022.