Raiden Shogun magnificent in this cosplay by the Russian Xenon

A year ago the story of Genshin Impact began, a free to play video game with in-game purchases by the Chinese studio MiHoYo that took everyone by surprise. The world of Teyvat began to enrich with many characters and, over time, the studio added others creating much more variety in the groups to be composed.

In recent months we have known with a trailer Raiden Shogun, also called Baal for the continuous leaks of the Genshin Impact builds. Electro-type character who immediately fascinated gamers, he also captured the world of cosplay as both professional and amateur models have tried to take on his shoes. One of those who managed to make the best Raiden with a cosplay is the Russian Xenon, who had already entered the world of Genshin Impact several times with various disguises over the last few months.

With two photos, Xenon manages to convey the magnificence and strength of this Raiden Shogun by making one of its trademarks, the extraction of the electric sword from the chest and which we have seen in action in many promotional photos. The second photo available below takes us to a Raiden ready for action and posing, with the sword already drawn and a purple smoke that gives an even more mystical aura to the character of Genshin Impact.

Follow our guide to unlock Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact and thus unleash the strength of this figure.