reached a new milestone from Blizzard

Following the quarterly update with which we discovered a lot of new information on the project, including those relating to the creation of the monsters, Blizzard Entertainment has put a stop to the dissemination of details about the highly anticipated Diablo 4.

Although the company is now preferring to keep some secrecy, work is proceeding behind the scenes to create the ambitious new chapter of the hack ‘n’ slash series. A particularly attentive reddit goer noted that Diablo 4 development has recently reached a major new milestone.

Taking advantage of the tools made available on the website (a portal through which it is possible to be updated whenever Blizzard publishes a patch for its games or makes changes to the lines of code), RandomManoo has discovered that the action game has passed from the build 0.0.1 to 0.2.0. It might seem like a minor change, but according to what a second Blizzard user reveals, it is usual to change the second build number when crucial changes are made to gameplay mechanics and in case new content is added. The original author of the reddit post goes even further and speculates that the title is now playable from start to finish, while not yet complete with all its elements.

In short, it seems that the work process is proceeding for the best, net of the worrying troubles that have hit Activision-Blizzard regarding its problematic management of female personnel.