reality and video game compared in the new video from Sony and Polyphony

With the debut of the new Real Driving Simulator just around the corner, Sony and Polyphony Digital have created a new video dedicated to Gran Turismo 7. On this occasion we are taken to the Willow Springs International Raceway for a comparison between reality and video game.

What are the similarities and differences that we can find driving on a track in Gran Turismo and in reality? This question was answered by two racing car experts, one who drives in the virtual world and one who drives in the real world.

Willow Springs International Raceway is a 2.5 mile (approximately 4km), nine switchback super-fast racing circuit that has hosted some of the most classic battles in Gran Turismo, including the 2021 FIA GT Championships.

Professional race car driver Dai Yoshihara drives an Evasive Motorsports’ Tesla Model 3 Performance vehicle prepared for racing and offers us advice from his experience to tackle one of the fastest and most difficult tracks in the United States, including ideal modifications to the vehicle, the ideal route and minor annoyances known only to experienced drivers.

At the same time, a longtime Gran Turismo fan, Steve Brown aka Super GT, uses a modified Tesla Model S and offers his detailed observations from a virtual perspective thanks to his gaming experience with Gran Turismo 7. At the bottom of the news you can enjoy. a side by side comparison video of a dry lap in Gran Turismo 7 and in real life through the cockpit of a Tesla vehicle.

While waiting for the title to make its debut on March 4th on PS5 and PS4, we refer you to our Preview of Gran Turismo 7.