Record of active players with the Pirates of the Caribbean DLC

The positive moment for Sea of ​​Thieves continues, with the pirate game of Rare that has greatly benefited from the introduction of A Pirate Life, a new free DLC with which the iconic characters of the Pirates of the Caribbean have been introduced, including the inevitable Jack Sparrow.

By publishing a thank you post to the community, the Microsoft software house revealed that it was surprisingly busy in June. In this period of particular turmoil, in which Season 3 has also begun, the pirate sandbox has reached a new record of 4.8 million active players. The partnership with Disney, in short, has paid off and has managed to bring marine adventurers together as never before has been possible. The creative director wanted to thank all the players with an open heart in the movie that you can view at the top of the news.

Rare also announced the new Gold and Glory weekend that will take place between August 20 and 23, through which you will be able to earn double cash and reputation along with Renown boosts for all treasures delivered to trading companies. Finally, you will also find a new set of cosmetic items inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean in the Emporium as part of the August update of Sea of ​​Thieves. For further information, we refer you to our Special dedicated to Sea of ​​Thieve: A Pirate’s Life.