Reggie Fils-Aime wanted to launch the Nintendo 3DS for $ 199, rather than $ 249

In addition to talking about a valuable advice received from Satoru Iwata, through the pages of his new book “Disrupting the Game” Reggie Fils-Aime told of a point on which he found himself in disagreement with the never forgotten president of Nintendo.

As you well remember, the Nintendo 3DS was launched on the market at a rather controversial price, and many said they were pessimistic about the future of the portable console. In the end, the platform was very successful as evidenced by the almost 76 million units sold globally, however a fundamental adjustment was necessary during the first year of the console’s life cycle.

At the time at the head of Nintendo of America, Fils-Aime insisted on launching the 3DS at a maximum price of $ 199, so as to offer the console at a very competitive price. Of another opinion was Satoru Iwata who until the end, despite repeated discussions with Fils-Aime, decided to offer the console for 249 dollars. The decision soon turned out to be a mistake and after a few months from the debut of the 3DS the price was cut by about a third worldwide, thus kicking off the platform’s real success.

“The whole experience reinforced for me the need to move decisively when faced with a problem or an opportunity,” says Fils-Aime in his book. “With 3DS, we didn’t let poor sales performance persist. We moved quickly to create a plan and implemented it excellently. The episode also reinforced the need to fully consider the needs of your historical customers. Thank you. to the implementation of the Ambassador program, we have kept our hardcore fans engaged with Nintendo 3DS even when the price of the hardware has been drastically reduced. “

Fils-Aime also discussed the allegedly toxic workplace in Nintendo of America.