release date, dynamic weather, maps and cover

Call of Duty Vanguard was the subject of a leak in the night, numerous details have emerged on the project including the maps available at launch, the presence of dynamic weather and the release date of the Activision game.

The insider Tom Henderson seems to confirm the date of the announcement of Call of Duty Vanguard (19 August), moreover the leaker reveals the presence of 24 multiplayer maps at launch, the multiplayer sector will enjoy the dynamic weather and finally the return of the mode is confirmed zombie apparently developed by Treyarch.

But there is more because some screenshots of the game have also leaked on the net that Henderson himself has branded as “absolutely real” and the same goes for the cover (you can see it in one of the Tweets below), which actually also reveals the official title: Call of Duty Vanguard, and not Call of Duty Slipstream, as initially rumored.

Finally, at the peak of the leak massacre, the insider published an image of his calendar with a date highlighted, that of November 5, probably revealing the release date of the new Call of Duty. At the moment, in any case, nothing of what has been reported has been confirmed and Activision has not yet officially announced Call of Duty Vanguard, the presentation as mentioned seems to be scheduled for the beginning of next week.