Removed dialogue with Joel reveals backstory about Ellie’s tattoo

The work of the dataminers continues to discover new interesting background on The Last of Us Part II, the latest masterpiece baked by Naughty Dog which represented the swan song of the PlayStation 4. The new details emerged on the net have revealed something new about it. to the iconic tattoo that Ellie wears on her arm.

Delving into the maze of the code of The Last of Us Part II, a redditor managed to derive a dialogue that should have taken place during one of the flashbacks that we live in the course of the adventure. The conversation held by Ellie and Joel would have revealed a particular background on the tattoo with which the girl hides the bite received years ago by an infected, already previously cauterized to not feed suspicions.

According to the exchange in question, Ellie would have thought of a tattoo in the shape of a moth because she is a fan of Savage Starlight, a comic in which a hologram of the insect is mentioned. Naughty Dog subsequently discarded the idea and preferred to give it a much more symbolic meaning, linked to the relationship created with Joel. The symbol of a moth has even been inserted between the frets of the guitar that Joel gives to Ellie. The dataminer Taegukie stated that he had encountered many difficulties in reconstructing the dialogue, since the jokes are present in a non-continuous manner within the game files.

Recently, fans made a surprising new discovery about Tommy’s character as well. Meanwhile, HBO’s work continues to give life to the production of The Last of Us TV series.