revealed all the new perks, there will also be the players

Electronic Arts has revealed numerous new details regarding FIFA 22’s Pro Club mode, expected to launch in October. While it is true that the Ultimate Team mode continues to dominate the scenes, EA Sports will not fail to update its football simulator in all its other aspects.

The company has first of all unveiled all the new perks with which it will be possible to improve the characteristics of the players in Pro Club, divided into four distinct categories: Attack, Defense, Creation of Opportunities, and Goalkeeper. If at the beginning we have only three perks to choose from, in the course of our progress we will gradually unlock an ever-increasing number, up to a total of 26 Advantages.

The perks are for example able to improve the precision shots of our player, the conclusions of first intention or the head shots, in the case of the Offensive category. As for the Defensive ones, we can improve the performances of the players in the final stages of the match, or for a few minutes after conceding a goal. The Opportunity Creation category allows you to unlock the potential of our playmakers, who will thus be better able to take free kicks or dribble opponents. Finally, in the case of Goalkeepers, we will be able to increase the characteristics of our last defender for short periods of time or improve his reflexes.

EA Sports has also confirmed the presence of the players also within the Pro Club mode: the announcement arrived together with the video that we have brought back to you at the top.

FIFA 22 will be released on October 1st on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. The latest gameplay trailer showed Hypermotion Technology in action.