Ruined Miss Fortune fantastic in Glory Lamothe cosplay

With over 150 champions available, added slowly over the course of its long career, League of Legends offers a diverse pool of playable characters. Regardless of men and women, ranged and melee and much more, you can choose your favorite character or the most congenial for the current meta game.

The champions have relatively renewed themselves over time, at least from a cosmetic point of view, as Riot Games has added various skins for all the characters. Whether inspired by real events, magical or festive versions, many of these versions have been even more successful than the original.

Miss Fortune is one such League of Legends character. The cosplayer Glory Lamothe has decided to take on her shoes but not in the classic way: the ranged piratess has in fact a skin called Ruined Miss Fortune that shines in this cosplay with a ghostly flavor available below. The many photos of Glory highlight the costume created for the occasion between black, gray and ethereal green with an almost horror landscape.

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