Sackboy A Big Adventure in super offer for both PS4 and PS5

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is on sale on Amazon at a great price, one of the best ever, on offer for only 44.99 euros instead of a list price of 70.99 euros.

In the game we will play as Sackboy, the iconic hero of the PlayStation universe, returning to live breathtaking adventures in a gigantic, exciting and fast-paced 3D platformer with new abilities. We will be able to experience the adventure alone or in the company of our friends to face numerous unexpected events on the snow-capped mountains, among the most luxuriant jungles, in the wettest underwater kingdoms and on space colonies.

The version on offer is for PlayStation 4, but the game can be updated for free to the PlayStation 5 version, once the disc is inserted into the console, an update will start automatically. the version with cover dedicated to Playstation 5 can be purchased on Amazon for 56.99 euros, therefore it is absolutely not convenient to buy it.

Buy Sackboy A Big Adventure at the best price ever

We also point out that you can save another 5 euros by purchasing the game and selecting a withdrawal point as a shipping method, click here to check if the promotion can be activated from your account, we advise you to activate the promotion in order to combine this purchase voucher to the offer that we have reported to you, thus adding an additional 5 euro discount to the game.