Saints Row The Third Remastered as a gift, last few days to download

With the announcement of the Saints Row Reboot, Deep Silver has involved all fans of the free roaming shooter epic by inviting them to download Saints Row The Third Remastered for free. The initiative is still available on the weekend but will still last a few days: here’s how to redeem the game on PC.

The updated version of the third major installment of the insane open world adventure of the Saints offers significantly more refined polygonal models, a more advanced lighting system, more advanced particle effects, the addition of motion blur and a much higher number of vehicles and pedestrians present on the streets of Steelport.

To be able to download Saints Row The Third Remastered for free, just go to the relevant tab on the Epic Games Store and, after logging in with your account (registration, we remind you, is absolutely free), click on the “Get” button to be able to insert the title in your digital playroom.

The offer, as specified, is already active and will be active only until 17:00 Italian on Thursday 2 September, therefore our advice can only be to hurry to download the game before it returns to its original price, set on Epic Store at 39.99 euros. Once the operation is complete, the title will be available to you forever and you can install it on any PC through your Epic Games account.

Let us know with a comment if you have already redeemed the game or if you will take advantage of the offer to download it for zero euro: if you want to know more about the title, and about the interventions made by Sperasoft to improve and “modernize” the original work of Volition, here you can find our review of Saints Row The Third Remastered.