Sam Lake swims in a frozen lake to advertise the title

Alan Wake Remastered is now close to its market debut, set for October 5, 2021 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. And to better promote the return of the Xbox 360 classic, Sam Lake has chosen a rather insane tactic.

The creative director of Remedy Entertainment in fact dived into a frozen lake and then told the fans that, waiting for the arrival of Alan Wake Remastered, he decided to take a swim in the waters of “Cauldron Lake”: obviously the lake where you Trova does not have this name, but it is a clear reference to the scenario in which the enigmatic and disturbing events of the writer Alan Wake take place. The cold is so pungent that it forces the man in the image of Remedy to take out a thermos of coffee to warm up: also in this case it is a direct reference to the contents of the game, considering that the thermos represent a symbol of the adventure itself being the main collectible that players will find during their visit to Cauldron Lake.

This is a decidedly out of the ordinary, but also fun method to promote the release of the title, which promises several improvements compared to the original version: in this regard, here is a 4K gameplay video of Alan Wake Remastered that shows the great steps ahead of the Xbox 360 edition. In addition, the trophy list of Alan Wake Remastered has emerged.