sanctions on the way for the AFK slys

With a view to constantly improving the gaming experience offered by Rainbow Six Siege, the developers of the blockbuster shooter from Ubisoft decide to take serious measures for all those who frequently end up in AFK.

The acronym AFK indicates all users detected “Away from Keyboard” for prolonged periods of time: in a context such as that of R6S, repeated reports of AFK and anomalous behavior by inactive players could suggest the use of bot, hence Ubisoft’s intervention to stem this phenomenon.

In the post published on social networks by the French company to announce the arrival of sanctions against the AFK slys, the Rainbow Six Siege developers report a worrying increase in this kind of practices that has occurred over the last few weeks. According to what was specified by Ubisoft, the abuse of the AFK threatens to ruin the experience of the players and, consequently, an intervention was necessary to sanction the most anomalous cases of inactivity.

This ban session will be followed by further initiatives to alleviate this problem, such as changes in the design and the adoption of tools that will automatically detect the most prolonged periods of inactivity. Already in July of this year, on the other hand, Ubisoft confirmed its intention to implement more advanced anti-cheater tools in Rainbow Six Siege to track down all those who use bots and systems to gain an advantage in the competitive multiplayer FPS challenges. .