savings of up to € 260 by booking it from GameStop with second hand

The new Nintendo Switch OLED, out on 8 October 2021, is offered in Italy at a price of 349.99 euros: in case you are interested in buying it, then it might be useful to know that from GameStopZing it is possible to save a lot of money. reporting your used console.

From GameStopZing it is already possible to pre-order Nintendo Switch OLED in both its colors (white and blue / neon red) at the price of 349.98 euros. By bringing your console and used games in your possession to the store, you can save a substantial sum on pre-order. The amount of savings depends on what you deliver, based on the following scheme:

  • Save € 260 by bringing Nintendo Switch and two games eligible for promotion
  • Save € 200 by bringing Nintendo Switch
  • Save € 180 by bringing PS4 Pro
  • Save € 150 by bringing PS4
  • Save € 150 by bringing Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Save € 80 by bringing Xbox One / One X

To make the reservation you must leave a deposit of 150 euros, after which you can bring your console back to the store directly at the Nintendo Switch OLED release, set for 8 October 2021. If you want, you can also deliver it at the time of pre-order. GameStopZing makes it known that the quantities are limited and that it is not able to specify how long this promotion will be active, so if you are interested you should take advantage of it as soon as possible. As for the games necessary to obtain the maximum denomination of 260 euros, you can check their validity by going to this address.

Recall that Nintendo Switch OLED mounts a 7-inch OLED screen with intense colors, high contrast and a thinner frame, a wider adjustable stand, a new base with LAN port (which in the future can also be purchased separately), a memory 64GB internal (with microSD support up to 2TB) and integrated speakers with improved sound. Under the hood, as can be seen from the official technical specifications of Nintendo Switch OLED, it will instead mount the same components, therefore it will not offer a higher power than the current model of Nintendo Switch.