scalpers in action, distribution in 2022?

Steam Deck has attracted the attention of so many players to send bookings, active since July 16, on the official website of the Valve platform into a tailspin.

Although the developers have provided all the information to book Steam Deck, it seems that each step of the procedure generates a large series of problems that make it impossible to win the new console for many players: between crashes, age checks impossible to carry out, repeated credit card checks, unrecognized accounts and multiple authentication, it seems that the system even considers “too new” accounts created for years now (one of the requirements to book was precisely to have made purchases on Steam before June 2021).

Not only that: although Valve had thought of an anti-scalper system for Steam Deck reservations, the WindowsCentral portal reports with a lot of photographic evidence that some scalpers not only managed to win the console, but have already put it back on sale at highly inflated prices on e-commerce platforms such as eBay.

And it’s not over yet: as reported by The Gamer newspaper, the distribution of the various models would not seem to take place before 2022. All three console models (64, 256 and 512 GB) would seem to be expected for the first months of next year: this last point must be taken with a grain of salt as it could be a possible subsequent restock, while those who managed to book it on this occasion should receive it regularly in December 2021 as previously announced. Certainly the opening of the pre-orders of the new and already awaited console did not go exactly as expected.