Seagate 1TB memory expansion on offer

If you have recently purchased one of Microsoft’s new consoles, Xbox Series X or S, you may be interested in the article that we propose today: Seagate Expansion Card is on offer on Amazon at 220 euros, with a 15% discount from the price of price list of 259 euros.

The memory was designed in collaboration with Microsoft to increase the overall capacity of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles without sacrificing performance. It is the only storage card compatible with Xbox’s Velocity Architecture technology, which guarantees shorter load times (including Quick Resume or game switching), richer details and more immersive gameplay.

Seagate Expansion Card can be purchased on Amazon, the product has a 3-year warranty. The memory card is connected to the back of the console, just like a USB key, it must be inserted into the appropriate socket, therefore you do not have to open or disassemble the console, the operation is extremely easy and fast.

At the moment there are no compatible or competitive products at lower prices, the only way to expand the memory of the console and keep the performance and loads unchanged is to buy the official Seagate Expansion Card product and the best offer is precisely the one we offer you on