Season of the Lost is Season 15, Mara Sov returns

While we are waiting to find out all the details on the new expansion The Queen of Whispers, Bungie has decided to give us a preview of Season 15 of its famous Sci-Fi shooter.

The next season of Destiny 2, the fifteenth, will officially be called The Season of the Lost and includes the return of Mara Sov, the queen of the Sleepless, who was presumed dead after the beginning of the Taken King expansion of the original Destiny. It looks like Mara Sov will be taking center stage when Season 15 finally kicks off next week.

The announcement came via a post on the social media of the independent software house which confirmed that the full reveal will arrive during the livestream of August 24 at 18:00, and at the end of which The Season of the Lost will begin immediately. On this date, the veils will also finally be removed from the expansion The Queen of Whispers, which will open the in-game phase following Beyond the Light in the course of 2022.

Microsoft’s conference at GamesCom 2021 will also be held on August 24, and in recent weeks rumors have become increasingly insistent that they want a special collaboration between Destiny 2 and Halo Infinite, which would bring various extrapolated elements into the Bungie shooter. from the Xbox franchise (created, moreover, by Bungie itself back in 2001).