Seer and the contents of the new Season in the first gameplay video

Returning from EA Play Live with the video of Seer from Apex Legends, the guys from Respawn outline the complete picture of the news of the Ribalta Season with a rich gameplay video and an in-depth sheet on the surprises provided for fans of the free battle royale.

The new ingame phase to go through starting August 3 will be accompanied by the entry onto the battlefield of Seer, a revolutionary Legend that will offer players a new way of seeing enemies.

The gameplay video proposed by the EA subsidiary allows us to admire Seer’s skills, such as the hyper-technological sensors and drones that allow him to acquire all data on the position of the opponents in real time.

During the Ribalta we will also see the entrance of the Rampage, a LMG weapon with a powerful shot that, as per tradition for the most advanced equipment baked by Rampart, will boast a charging system to increase the power of the shots and through termite grenades. No less interesting are the news related to the update of the World Borders map and the addition of Ranked Arenas in which to test yourself as Apex Predators in Arena or Battle Royale mode.

With Apex Legends Ribalta we will finally see the introduction of a new Battle Pass with limited skins and rewards for those who level up by progressing in the challenges offered by the multiplayer shooter. See you next August 3rd, therefore, to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the Apex Legends Limelight Season on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.