Serial Cleaners is ‘polished’ in the gameplay video that sets the release at the beginning of 2022

Absolutely not being able to miss the appointment with the Future Games Show after the reveal of Serial Cleaners last year, the Draw Distance guys pack an unreleased gameplay video that shows the characters of this crazy stealth action and heralds its arrival at the beginning of 2022 on PC and console.

The latest video proposed by the Polish developers rewinds the tape of the memories of the characters that can be interpreted to reveal the murky secrets and the shocking mysteries that bind them. The pulp tones from Tarantino’s films glimpsed in the announcement video are taken up in all their strength also in this new trailer which, moreover, helps us to extricate ourselves from the narrative undergrowth that will be the background to the unhealthy adventures of the four protagonists.

Compared to the original chapter, the sequel to the epic of the cleaners preferred by the Big Apple underworld promises to offer even stronger emotions thanks to the transition to a completely three-dimensional graphics sector and, above all, to a gameplay that will leverage exploration, on action challenges, stealth and tragicomic situations.

The marketing of Serial Cleaners is therefore scheduled for the first months of 2022 on PC and consoles, presumably on PS4, Xbox One and, perhaps, also on Nintendo Switch and in an optimized version for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.