server offline tomorrow for the arrival of the update 18.30

Also this week the Epic Games battle royale will receive a new update. With a short post published on the official social channels, the developers of Fortnite Chapter 2 have confirmed that in the next few hours the update to version 18.30 will be distributed with some interesting news.

In fact, the post suggests that among the contents of the update we will also find the possibility of investing gold bars to vote for the return of a new object from the Warehouse. According to the dataminer, we will have to choose whether to bring the bizarre Bomb Ballerina or the Heavy Combat Rifle back into the game. Waiting to find out which object will be the most voted by the free to play community, we remind you that the update will be published tomorrow, Tuesday 26 October 2021. As usual, the servers will be shut down at 10:00 am in the Italian time zone, with matchmaking being disabled half an hour early to prevent players from being kicked out of a match still in progress.

While waiting to find out what the other Fortnitemares-themed news will be, we remind you that just today players have been given the opportunity to unlock the free Rainbow Ace skin in Fortnite Chapter 2 thanks to an event entitled Introduce a friend.

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