seven announcements related to the series are coming

To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Resident Evil and the arrival of halloween, Capcom is planning several news related to its most famous and beloved franchise: in the course of October 2021, seven different announcements connected to the series are in fact arriving.

Capcom’s official Japanese website reveals the exact dates on which all the news related to the brand will be revealed: only on October 21 will three announcements be revealed, with two more to follow the next day. The penultimate update is scheduled for the 25th of the same month, while October 29th is the day chosen for the latest reveal by the Osaka house regarding the iconic survival horror series. In the last few weeks, the release date of Resident Evil 4 VR has been revealed with a trailer that has set the debut of the new version at 21 October 2021: the Capcom site contains a reminder related to the debut of the game in reality. virtual.

Instead, the total mystery remains as to what may be hidden behind the other announcements promised by the Japanese software house, which could be connected to the various media on which the Resident Evil franchise made its appearance over time, such as cinema or TV series in addition to video games. Recall that Resident Evil Village will receive a DLC in the near future: that in the next few days there may be news on the new contents for the eighth chapter?