Sony and Microsoft among the most hated brands in the world, according to a survey

According to an analysis based on user interactions on Twitter, Sony and Microsoft are among the most hated brands globally. The survey looks at numerous companies that deal with a variety of fields, from technology to entertainment, and the houses of PlayStation and Xbox stand out for being particularly hated.

The results obtained tell us that Sony is, among the most popular brands, the one hated in most countries of the world (10 in total, including Canada, Greece and Argentina). Following, in this global ranking in which the Japanese giant stands out, we find companies such as Tesla, BMW, Paypal, Uber and others.

Microsoft “triumphs” in a more specific ranking, the one relating to the most hated tech companies on a global scale. There are 22 countries in which the Redmond house is unwelcome, more than those who have a bad eye on Google, Facebook and Amazon.

As regards specifically the videogame sector, Ubisoft and Capcom appear to be among the most hated publishers ever. Gamers are particularly inclined to express their dissent on social media: “Probably, no community likes to hate as much as gamers”, reads the Rare Reviews report.

Data that, we emphasize, certainly cannot correspond to absolute truth, since it is an analysis limited to the interactions of people who frequent Twitter. A single social network cannot be the mirror of reality, and much more in-depth investigations would be required to ascertain the popularity, whether positive or negative, of the largest companies in the world.