Sony Bend working on a Men in Black game for PS5? Probably not

Is Sony Bend working on a Men in Black game? We cannot rule it out, but almost certainly not, even if the title has presumably appeared in the EB Games Australia lists. Let’s say presumably because everything seems to be just a fake.

On Reddit and 4Chan (yes we know, not exactly the most authoritative sources in the world) a screenshot is circulating showing a page of the EB Games site dedicated to the mysterious “MIB” for PlayStation 5, we know nothing about the game but below in the generic cover art you can see the Sony Bend logo.

Too bad that the page in question does not exist and opening it you receive an error message, we do not know if it has been removed or if it has simply never been created and the screenshot is completely false. Although it is certainly not impossible, it seems difficult that the studio author of Days Gone is currently working on a Men in Black game, especially considering that the franchise seems to be on hiatus after the lukewarm consents obtained with Men in Black International in 2019.

Sony Bend is developing a new IP Open World: after PlayStation Studios rejected a Days Gone 2 concept, the team has supported Naughty Dog in some unspecified projects and is now pursuing their vision on an entirely new game.