Sony buys Firesprite! The Playroom and Persistence team enters PlayStation Studios

With an open letter addressed to all PS4 and PS5 users, Hermen Hulst announces the entry into PlayStation Studios of Firesprite, the software house that developed The Playroom and The Persistence.

From the pages of the PS Blog, the executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment thus confirms the entry of Firesprite into the PlayStation Studios family which, to date, has 14 subsidiaries. Sharing his enthusiasm for Firesprite’s entry into Sony, Hulst describes the Liverpool house as “a creative and ambitious studio, exceptional for creating incredible experiences that demonstrate the full potential of our hardware”.

The marriage with the Japanese technological giant is only the latest of the steps taken by Firesprite to get closer to the Sony universe, as evidenced by the collaborations between the same Firesprite and SIE which materialized with The Playroom and The Persistence.

Firesprite’s entry into PlayStation Studios, according to Hulst, will allow Sony to tap into the “technical and creative skills of this team, with skills that will be critically important in expanding our fantastic catalog of exclusive video games, and I believe that you will be excited about what the future holds. “