Sony enhances the graphics of Gran Turismo 7 and Demon’s Souls in the new commercial

Sony continues its series of promotional spots dedicated to PlayStation 5, focusing on the features of the next-gen console and on the titles that best exploit the characteristics of the machine.

If on previous occasions we have been spectators of an in-depth study dedicated to DualSense, SSD and 3D Audio, the focus here is shifted to the graphic aspect of next-gen games. The Japanese giant therefore takes the opportunity to highlight an exclusive PlayStation such as Gran Turismo 7, which thanks to the implementation of Ray Tracing will present a quality of reflexes never seen before in the racing game, with the bodies of the racing cars that will respond in a manner vivid and realistic in the rays of the sun.

A title that immediately managed to give us a taste of next-gen is then Demon’s Souls, already available since last November to coincide with the launch of PS5. Bluepoint’s work stands out in particular for the lighting system, the particle effects and of course for the suggestive areas that we can visit within the action game originally created by FromSoftwre.

The movie also features Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, which emphasizes the importance of being able to play at 60 frames per second in a frenetic shooter like that of Activisione and Treyarch.

The most recent spot published by Sony (later removed) sparked surprise and discussion among fans, since it included an upside-down PS5 inside.