Sony hires from Apple to bring PlayStation IPs to mobile success

Sony has made no secret of wanting to expand beyond the PlayStation platforms and, through the statements of Jim Ryan, has already anticipated that it wants to focus strongly on the mobile market, which in recent years has been able to prove to be extremely profitable.

It seems that to achieve success in this sector too, the Japanese giant has decided to rely on the leading mobile gaming experts. As noted by colleagues from Video Game Chronicles, Nicola Sebastiani, formerly head of Apple’s gaming division and head of Apple Arcade’s content, joined Sony in July.

Therefore, the intention on the part of the Japanese company to expand the boundaries related to hardware is increasingly clear. We are now used to the publication of PlayStation exclusives on PC (we already had Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and more recently Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection), but the strategy aims to involve an ever-growing user base. During a recent interview, Jim Ryan also stated that he dreams of the PlayStation brand extended to hundreds of millions of users around the world, hence the need to open up to other platforms and users once far from the PlayStation world.

This is not to say that Sony will stop focusing on big productions exclusively coming to PlayStation 5.