speedrunners go wild with world records

The start of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games (postponed last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic) were celebrated by Google with a new Google Doodle titled Champion Island, well received by users who enjoy completing the climb proposed by the game in the shortest possible time.

On the contrary, the players got so carried away by the Doodle to the point of giving life to real speedruns. In particular, three speedrunners (ExaminationMassive95, stratpat1964 and dishadow99) managed to complete the climbing minigame in just 11 seconds, thus establishing the current world record and with lots of video testimonials available on Reddit to underline the technique and skill used. to reach the summit in such a short time.

So Google celebrates the Olympics with a Doodle that immediately proved to be very successful. In addition to climbing, we can find other minigames still focused on rugby, table tennis, artistic swimming, archery and skateboarding, in order to meet the tastes of the largest number of people. All the challenges are captivating to play, even without having achieved the popularity touched by climbing. The Google Doodle has been a tradition of the popular search engine for years, aimed at celebrating anniversaries and special events: recently, in this regard, Google celebrated Italy’s victory at the 2020 European Championships with a Doodle.