Square-Enix celebrates the release of the new version on PC

Through a trailer released on official social channels, Square-Enix reveals that Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster is officially available on PC via Steam. Until September 23, 2021, the game will be sold at a discounted price of 20%, at € 14.39 instead of the normal € 17.99 list.

Final Fantasy IV was a fundamental title in the evolution of its historical belonging JRPG series: originally released in 1991 on Super Nintendo, the fourth chapter introduced the historical combat system based on Active Time Battle (ATB), which has become the standard of many of the episodes that arrived in the following years. The work also stood out in terms of history, characterization of the characters and variety in terms of scenarios and bestiary. The arrival of the Pixel Remaster can therefore be the right opportunity to rediscover one of the most significant JRPGs of its era.

Recall that Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster can be purchased individually or together with the collection including all the first six chapters of the series. In this regard, the re-editions of Final Fantasy V and VI, expected in the coming months, are still missing. If you want to deepen your knowledge on these remakes, here is 90 minutes of gameplay for Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. Recently, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster has also been hit by review bombing due to the non-release of the collection on consoles.