Star Citizen, budget almost reached 400 million dollars: the Intergalactic Expo is back

Only a few weeks have passed since the CitizenCon 2951 celebrations and it’s already time to celebrate a new Star Citizen event. Cloud Imperium Games has in fact announced with a video the video dates of the next Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, the annual event with free access to the space blockbuster on PC.

The new Star Citizen Universal Spaceship Exhibition will officially start on Friday 19th November and will continue for just under two weeks, ending on Wednesday 1st December.

As happened in the past, once again the Intergalactic Expo will be accompanied by a Free Fly phase that will allow users to access Star Citizen for free for the duration of the digital event. During the exhibition it will be possible to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this space simulator by accessing, from time to time, over 100 aircraft and lots of game equipment, complete with a “virtual tour” offered by the respective manufacturers.

In all likelihood, it will be during the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2951 that Cloud Imperium will be able to exceed the exceptional figure of the $ 400 million budget for Star Citizen, considering that the current sum reached in crowdfunding amounts to $ 395,298,327. with over 3.3 million enthusiasts who helped fund Chris Roberts’ dream of bringing the ultimate space simulation to life.