Star Wars Hunters is shown in a new trailer, revealed characters and free rewards

Over the last few days, several Star Wars Hunters-themed leaks have appeared on the net and, after a short time, the development team has decided to return to talking about the game not only by publishing a trailer, but also by opening the doors of the official website. containing a lot of information about the free shooter.

In fact, from the portal we learn that the title, in development at Zynga, will be a hero shooter with a third-person view and in which we can select one of the following heroes:

  • Grozz: A Wookiee warrior armed with the arms of destroyed droids
  • Mandalorian: A warrior armed with a double pistol
  • Utooni: A pair of little Jawas armed to the teeth
  • J-3DI: a kind of droid / Jedi
  • Rieve: A Jedi warrior who has passed to the dark side of the Force
  • Imara Vex: a bounty hunter
  • Slingshot: An alien creature with an exoskeleton
  • Sentinel: an old soldier of the Empire
  • Zaina: Veteran of the Rebel Alliance

Anyone interested in the game can already sign up for the Beta phase on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. Based on the pre-registrations, the developers have promised many free rewards among which we find skins for the weapons and for the characters.

Before leaving you with the trailer, we remind you that the game will arrive for free on the Nintendo hybrid console and on mobile devices in the course of 2022.