Steam Deck also produced by other companies? Valve’s assumptions

Valve has taken the reins of the production of its Steam Deck, but this does not exclude that in the future other companies experienced in the realization of hardware may also be involved in the production processes.

According to what reported by IGN.Com, a possible successful launch for Valve’s portable console could open the doors to mass production that would involve many more realities, giving life to an increasingly important future for Steam Deck. “We look at Steam Deck as a new category of devices for the PC world,” Greg Coomer, system designer explains to IGN, who continues: “In case consumers agree with our vision, we expect not to only to produce new models ourselves, but also that other manufacturers want to join us “. Of the same opinion the designer Lawrence Yang, who explains how the operating system used for Steam Deck, SteamOS 3, is available “for anyone who wants to make a similar product”.

Everything therefore suggests that Valve has big plans for its new creature, despite some hitches in this first phase following the official announcement of the console. In this regard, the Steam Deck availability date has changed again, scheduled for an unspecified period of 2022 at the moment. For more details you can also read our doubts and certainties on Steam Deck.